Virus Scanning & Removal

Viruses cause you headaches and can cripple your computer.  Once a virus infects your computer, you’ll need a virus removal service to ensure your computer is back up and running. Also, Having a properly protected computer is important to ensure you are safe and secure.  Without a protected computer, Viruses can:

-Slow your computer to unusable speeds
-Consume battery life on laptops
-Cause files to load very slowly
-Take control of software you need
-Damage system files
-Delete files and folders
-Cause system crashes 

TSG Technologies will help you scan and remove Viruses from your computer. Additionally, we can proactively prevent future infections.  Contact Us to find out how this is possible!

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Ransomware Mitigation

What is ransomware?  Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects a computer and restricts users’ access to it until a ransom is paid to unlock the computer.  Ransomware often causes:

-Encrypted Information
-Expensive payments for victims with no guarantee the ransomware has been removed
-Information loss
-Unusable operating system

Furthermore, there is no guarantee the hackers who control the ransomware will unlock your files even if you make a payment.

To prevent this kind of nasty attack you need a proactive approach to security!

TSG Technologies will help put together a security package which offers a secure backup of your important files, critical system updates, applying system modifications, and tips and tricks to help protect your critical information going forward.

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Malware Infection Removal

Malware can wreak havoc on your computer.  Malicious software that has taken over your computer will cause:

-Disruptions in operations
-Theft of sensitive information
-Unauthorized access to system resources
-Slow web browser speeds
-Problems connecting to networks
-Frequent freezing or crashing

Don’t let Malware infect your computers!  The best approach is to proactively prevent future infections.  Contact Us to find out how this is possible!

Remove Your Malware