Security Cameras

NextGen Security Cameras for Your Business

Security Cameras have come along way since they were first invented and put into use. The cameras have become smaller, more powerful, feature packed, and have special use cases which are difficult to decipher from all the technical jargon.

There are numerous brands available with different styles of cameras, features, formats, advanced analytical components, resolutions and storage capabilities.  TSG technologies has installed numerous systems which have allowed us to narrow down brands with the best features, expansion capability and highest resolution while still being easy on the wallet. We know what to buy so you have exactly what you need as well as room for expansion just in case you want to expand your systems capabilities.

24/7/365 Access to Your Property and Employees

TSG Technologies specializes in solutions with the most advanced features and functionality while still maintaining useability. 24/7/365 access to your video feeds allows you to monitor progress on internal projects, secure your property to reduce vandalism, and keep an eye on everything. If you have multiple staff that need to keep an eye on things, you can provide them access as well.

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Use Technology to Your Advantage

Each security system comes with advanced security features to control access to live recordings, playback, and features.  Do staff only need to be able to view cameras? We’ve got you covered. Do they need to be able to playback recordings and modify settings? We can allow those functions as well on a per user basis. You are able to provide exactly what each employee needs, or doesn’t need, to ensure your property or business is safe and secure.

Aside from security features, each system comes with state of the art analytical controls which help minimize storage space while only capturing what needs to be captured. We can setup the security system to detect motion in specific zones you deem necessary, to only record if an alarm is set off, continuously record, or set a combination of different recording features based on time of day and the specific day.  With these advanced controls we can minimize the amount of storage required saving you money.

Let The Professionals Install It

Once everything is installed and setup, we meticulously review and adjust the camera settings for color, saturation, hue and brightness to make sure your image is crystal clear. We adjust any cameras as needed to ensure blind spots are minimized and coverage is maximized.  

We’re not done yet…once everything is adjusted, we sit down with you and explain the features and functionality to you. We want to make sure you fully utilize and understand your new security system in case an event does happen on your property. 

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