Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

TSG Technologies provides Managed IT Services to allow you to focus on your business without worrying about your IT infrastructure. Because of this, customers are happier and your business experiences less downtime. We keep up with the pace of technology providing the best solution for your business. 

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TSG Technologies can take on some, much, or all of the responsibilities of your IT infrastructure. Our tiered levels of service ensure you only pay for what you need.  Because of our approach, we are able to help reduce your operating budget while keeping your systems secure. Additionally, this keeps you focused on keeping your customers happy and growing your customer base.

Below is a few of our services. If you have any questions, please fill out the contact form on this page. Someone will be in touch as soon as possible!


Technology rapidly changes. Your hardware needs will be managed and reviewed to make sure you’re up-to-date and working at your full potential.

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Cabling & Infrastructure Support

Cabling and cable management can be complicated. Allow us to manage your data transmission requirements and speeds.  From standard Cat5e to fiber optics, we can implement the newest technologies with speed and stability in mind!

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Network Security

Limiting access to your internal network is just the first step to hardening your security.

TSG Technologies will fully manage your security appliances and procedures to ensure your organization limits its exposure to a costly data breach.

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Wireless Networking

Wireless devices are increasing every day. With this, secure and fast wireless access for your devices is critical.  

Access points and hardware with advanced monitoring capabilities and security protocols are utilized. Additionally, proprietary data is fully separated from guest access while maintaining speed and reliability.

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TSG Technologies Service Levels

We have multiple options available for your business. Hover over the items on the left to see a detailed description of each service.



Computer Performance Monitoring

Remote 24/7 Monitoring

Automatic Incident Notification

Automated Patching (Windows OS + 3rd Party)

(click here to see a list of supported 3rd aprty software)

Automated Maintenance

Antivirus & Anti Malware Management

Data Backup (up to 1 TB/computer included)

**Servers and NAS devices are not included. Please contact for pricing on server/NAS backups and size needed**

Automatic Incident Remediation

Unlimited Technical Support

Strategic IT Planning



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